Why do so many people want to come to Boquete, Panama for vacation?  Isn’t Panama a narrow part of the isthmus between two large continents; a country bordered by two seas, hot and humid, some dry and some swampy, and bisected by that famous Canal?  Some of that is true of parts of Panama, but not everywhere.

Boquete, Panama is different.  Located in the western portion of the country and close to Costa Rica, the town of Boquete is situated in a valley that has an elevation of 1, 080 meters (3,423 ft.) that is overlooked by the dormant 3,590 meter high (11,380 ft.) volcano Volcan Baru, the highest point in the country.

The weather in Boquete is composed of micro-climates shaped by the topography, the sun, winds and rains, offering visitors the chance to find exactly what they may be looking for.  Rainforests, streams, rivers and waterfalls, birds of all descriptions, some found nowhere else, offer the visitor a wide range of choices for recreation:  hiking, birding, rafting, climbing and biking are just a few of the reasons visitors from all over the world come to Boquete.  A word to the wise about biking:  This is hilly country, which, if you are in shape for it, is great exercise.  Motor scooters and ATV’s are available for rent for the rest of us.  All of it can be enjoyed in the year-round Spring-like weather for which Boquete is known.

Originally settled as an agricultural area in Chiriqui Province, Boquete is prized by Panamanians as well for its spectacular views and climate.  In addition, several events such as the Feria de Flores Y Cafe (The Flower and Coffee Fair) in mid-January, the 4-day Boquete Blues and Jazz Festival at the end of February, and the Orchid Festival at the end of March/beginning of April draw visitors and Panamanians alike.

Chiriqui Province is still considered to be the bread-basket of Panama and the extensive agricultural areas around Boquete can be seen while driving (slowly) through some of the beautiful areas hidden in the ravines and valleys that hug the back roads.  Rainforest activities include hiking, birding and zip-line tours.

Coffee is another product for which Boquete and the surrounding area is known.  Coffee farm and processing tours are available with some of the best coffee in the world available for purchase and shipping world-wide.

Still want to know why folks travel to Boquete, Panama?  Come see for yourself!

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